sold, please delete

[S]4 seimitsu 30mm screw in buttons, I say 4 instead of 6 because one button in the picture has a prong broken and another button has one prong close to break, i will throw them in but you likely will need replacement switches. $5 shipped to US48[/S] sold

[S]4 OMRON joystick switches $5 shipped to US48[/S] sold

[S]Neutrik NAUSB $5 shipped to US48[/S] sold

Is there much use on the Seimitsu buttons?

well, they are pending now. not too much use, but it has been soldered before. I tried to clean up, but I didn’t manage cleaning them up completely.

thanks for the quick response. let me know if it falls through.

sure. will keep you updated.

Damn, these are my favorite type buttons. Sad I missed this because of shitty sleep! If the people ahead of me fall through, please let me know.

They really are amazing, especially since they seem to get better with age. I like Seimis for that break-in period.

The worse part is American stores aren’t selling these. Really annoying.

sorry, guys, buttons are sold and so did the omron switch. i will post a guy’s email whom i bought those buttons from. he sold them at very decent price, but shipping is expensive, but if you guys buy a lot, might reduce each button+shipping to a good price.

Ok, i bought the seimitsu button from this guy in Taiwan, you can contact him via msn: and he speaks english. you may also contact him via facebook:清水搖桿/100000843764604

also price drop on neutrik and jlf mounting plate.

Btw you guys can’t find screw in Seimitsu?

updated new item.