Sold, please delete


Link to the picture:

Modified Hori FS3 case.
All Sanwa, 24mm buttons for Left, Right, Down, 30mm for everything else.
Currently wired with a PS3 Madcatz TE PCB.

This hitbox is NOT FINISHED. To be perfectly honest, this hitbox was a personal DIY project of mine that I lost interest in. CEO is coming up and I need some cash, so it’s up for grabs as is.

As is, everything is wired up except the directionals. It’s still lacking an SOCD cleaner, so I haven’t wired them up yet. I’m open to finishing the mod for potential buyers, but really, I’d rather just sell it as is.

As-is: $50 shipped to the continental US.

Options (I don’t wanna, but I will):
+$10 to wire the directionals w/o SOCD cleaning
+$20 to order and wire up SOCD cleaner
+$100 to order and install PS360+ for Dual Mod (SOCD included)

Post here with questions, PM me for offers.