sold plz close

sold plz close

You willing to sell only the LS-40?
Willing to pay $18 for the LS-40 fyi. I’m open for negotiations and trades, if you’re interested then PM me.

sorry, not enough profit to sell just one and pay shipping on both items.

I’m looking to replace the stock parts of the brawl stick I’m modding, could I use all those parts without having to buy anything else?

yes, but the ls-40 has a slightly wider base, the buttons should fit, let me google it and find out for sure.

@endrant so i can’t find anything to confirm 100% but the RE plate that is on my ls-40 will mount in anything that a JLF will (hole wise) and the ps-14-gs are 30mm just like your buttons, the only thing is the ls-40 is slightly wider than a jlf in the base, and the ps-14-gs have slightly bigger switches so they are deeper.

they will fit the holes, if there is room on the bottm i dont know, i think you should be fine, but i am not going to guarantee it.

Alright, I really want that joystick, so I’ll still think about buying it. Give me until tomorrow or Saturday to think about it and I’ll PM you if I want it or not.

@sasquach yah cool man, i just found all the missing parts too like a balltop and dust washer and wiring harness too. i would sell it to you by itself but i need the money and the flat rate shipping will chew almost half the profit up, although obviously its first come first serve, although if you tell me you want it 100% and you need me to hold it for a day or 2 I can do that, just let me know.

and yeah its a sweet ass joystick, definitely my favorite microswitched stick, i’m just going the silent optical route for this stick since my wife hates loud buttons and sticks hehehe

pm sent

sold plz close