sold plz close




Just the lever? I thought those weren’t sold separately.


That’s probably why he’s asking here instead of Google.


Yeah, I just want the lever, and you’re right they do not sell it separately, I am just waiting for somebody to offer one who doesn’t like optical sticks and wants to make some of that money back


bump, still looken for a hori optical, have a barely used (maybe 10 hours) JLF /w tpma switches + spark ce sensor for trade (can toss in circle gate \ octo gate inserts) + injustice styled octo gate which fits on jlf


I also wanted one of these at one point.

I saw a thread here where a person modded a Spark CE sensor and was able to fit it onto a Hayabusa Lever.

I’d be interested in doing this but I don’t have the tools or the technical prowess to be able to do it on my own. If someone could do it for me I’d definitely be interested and I think alot of other people would be too.


I could do it I’m just 2 lazy and just want to stick to the bare minimum these days. I don’t want to re spark my joy stick addiction after I have done so much testing and tweaking and collecting. Finally have everything sold and just have daily drivers. Only thing I would be interested in testing at this point is pas magenta and the Fanta optical


bump for new sells \ buys




new items posted!!! get your sensitive silent kit now =)


found some extra sanwa switches and random stuff i can throw in 2 in case you want to turn these in to normal buttons as well


How much for the Spark?


@studtropper If you just want the spark? $50 shipped, you pay fees. It’s basically brand new and pre config’d as well. better deal to buy it all. I would do $65 shipped for you since i am in a good mood =)


Eh, that’s basically toodles asking price for a new one. I was looking around the $40 range. Thanks though.


@studtrooper yeah its about $11 off. toodles is $61 new after shipping. its literally been played with for maybe 4-5 hours if that


I don’t really want to split them up anyways, $65 shipped for it all so you are basically getting everything else for free. let me know if you change your mind, GL!!!


title updated with price drop for whole package.


final price drop $60 SHIPPED!


Dang, no bites? Figured these would fly off the shelf.


@studtropper and whoever. dropping price on bundle to $50 shipped. now officially cheapest place to buy spark ce =)