VSHG S-revision stick in good condition without the original box. The 4 buttons at the top of the stick have been dyed black. Sorry about quality of the pics-


Added Pics.


Price Drop.


sent pm =)


last price drop


Now hoping to trade.


Trying one more time…


what are you lookin to trade for?


What he said /\

  • Jimmy


Sorry for the confusion I was trying to trade a while back now Im primarily looking to sell the stick…however if you have something that you would like to trade just pm me your offer or post in this thread


If your into FPS I can trade for an XIM ver 1 with a YOBO PS2 > PS3 adapter.

Great for MW2 or any other console FPS game.


Appreciate the offer but not interested…




sent you a pm


As much as i would like one of these sticks, i would not want the top buttons to be black. i like the yellow. =(


Tried to pm for interest & availability. Thanks


lol damn k$ you tryin 2 get 2 now?


To kasp please take care of my baby stick vshg when u get it. That stick that u bought from Gigazord was mine before when i traded with him.

Cant blame him P-money thise sticks are beautiful to have.


and the hunt continues :frowning:


no doubt meus