Sold Plz Delete

im am finally done with school so i am free to ship
trying to sell some junk i have lying around

DS games

Jump Ultimate Stars: complete jp import(most cards unocked)
$25 shipped

diddy kong racing ds: complete
$20 shipped

kirby squeak squad
$15 shipped

GoWII 3D limited edition posters(extremely rare)
these poster were distributed via raffle on launch date.
i was lucky enough to get one.
but no longer have were to put it, in fear that ima ruin it i have it up for sale

$40 local pick up only, i have no clue on how to ship this so im keeping it local

all these items are OBRO
for more details hit me up on aim

pics only if requested

thanks to all

p.s. on a side note this isnt a bot lol

“When you are SELLING something, post prices INCLUDING SHIPPING COST TO U.S.”


edit on first post
added pics

prices negotiable

PM sent


pms answered

mario ds sold

everything is still available
prices negotiable

Fucking Bot!!!


pending payment and MVC2

all other items still available

edit phones will be sold on ebay


edit first post

marvel has been sold

price drop

will make new thread with new items on a later date

mods plz close and or delete thread thanx