Sold, plz lock!

I just received this VSHG but found out that I’m no good with arcade sticks. So I’m selling it. Reserve is much lower than what I paid for it.

you cant play at Master Level the first time you play on a new joystick, you gotta get use to it first. so my advice, keep practicing and you will like it. Joystick is the way to play fighting game, its waaaay better than a pad.

I’d agree there. I went back and forth in the beginning. Give it time, you’ll be glad you did.

It takes me too much time practicing. I like to play games for fun not to be pissed off trying all the time.

I must agree, you’ll see the benefits if you give it some time. I recommend keeping it and working out your problems with it.

If you’re getting pissed off then your taking it seriously and not playing for fun…you might as well keep the stick and practice then :slight_smile:

I got two of these. If it didn’t have pcb problems it would be the best stick ever.

Like everyone said just keep practicing and you’ll eventually like it more than a pad. There are certain moves that are near to impossible to pull of on a pad that come out seamlessly on a stick.

Good luck though. If you do decide to sell it you’ll find a buyer asap.

I once threw a grand piano away because I couldn’t play like Chopin even after a WHOLE DAY of practice.

I hate when that happens. Damn Chopin!

Take the advice from everyone in the thread.

Yea I’m pretty new to sticks too and what I tell myself is to take it easy on myself and be patient with it.

It’s great advise, and I’ve taken it into consideration, but it’s biased because you guys are pretty hardcore fighting game enthousiasts. For me it’s a combination of Virtua Fighter being too hard for me and not having the patience to learn. And while Chopin is awesome, I don’t want to learn piano either… And neither would I ever spend as much as a day only practicing. Definetly not while it’s 25 degrees centigrade outside… but that’s what seperates the truly skilled from the incapable like me.

But I actually want to sell this thing, let’s stop chatting about me being an idiot for selling my stick.

fair enough dude