[SOLD] - PS2 modded Hori ex2 seimitsu $50


Edit: Found a stick

I have this ex2 for use on the ps1/ps2. It has a LS 33 joystick and it’s on a ps1 dual shock pcb.

**SOLD **



Still looking for a good ps2 stick.

I’m willing to trade the above along with cash for a good stick.


That’s a cool stick where’s the artwork from?


I honestly have no idea…

I was hoping someone here would be able to tell me lol…


I think the artist is Hyung Tae Kim. It’s probably artwork from one of the magna carta games. I’ve never played any of them, but I remember this guy’s style from a long time ago when he was getting started. It’s very distinct.


Yeah it does look like magna carta… Maybe characters from the anime.

Edit: If you sent me a message about a stick last week and I didn’t reply, I apologize, my inbox was acting funny.

Please resend.


PM Sent.


What model of Seimitsu stick is in the EX2?


I have a tvc stick that I can mod with a ps1 DS pcb. I am just waiting for the JLF. Pm me if interested.


PM Sent


Found a ps2 stick, thank you everyone for your pms.


$50 takes the stick.

Seimitsu LS 33 = $18
Seimitsu buttons = $18
SE case = ?? $30??

First one to send me a PM takes it.


Sent a PM