SOLD: Sanwa JLF with translucent orange Seimitsu balltop; 8 Sanwa 30mm snapin buttons



Everything is in great condition, pulled from a customized 360 SE stick. I sold the PCB and case, and don’t have any use for the buttons and stick.

The stick is a Sanwa JLF with square gate and a translucent orange Seimitsu balltop; the buttons are Sanwa 30mm snap-ins. There are two each green, pink, orange and red buttons. The picture below is of the stick and buttons installed in the SE. THE CASE AND PCB ARE NOT INCLUDED, ONLY THE STICK AND BUTTONS.

I’d like to sell everything together. The price for the stick and buttons is $25 plus actual shipping. I accept prepayment by PayPal, certified check or money order. If you pay by PayPal, your account must be verified, and your shipping address confirmed with your account.




bump, lowered price to $25 plus shipping


Sent a pm.


hey, PM’ed you about a problem