Sold: Sanwa JLFs, Neutrik USB, Sanwa Meshball

Everything is sold, please close.

Wish I could justify buying all your stuff. I almost pulled the trigger on those Neutriks and mesh ball. Great prices for your stuff. Good luck!

PM sent

Thanks Smoke, I went a little crazy ordering stuff from Per while I was building sticks so I keep finding bundles around the house haha…

PM responded, and the Yellow meshball is reserved.

Forgot to mention that I’ll be shipping out packages while I’m at work M-F from 8am - 5pm PST via UPS. As soon as the packages go out I’ll email you the tracking info.

PM sent

Awesome seller! Fast communication too!

Payment for the meshball came through and is now taken.

Offer came in for all the remaining parts shortly after, and everything else is now sold.

Thanks for making this a quick and easy sale guys. Ill send you both tracking tomorrow morning.



All PM’s responded.

Sorry for the confusion, I was having issues editing the OP from my phone last night so I didn’t get a chance to close it all out.

Thanks again for making this a quick and easy transaction everyone!