*SOLD* Seimitsu ps2 modded hori *SOLD*


For sale is a hori wii fighting stick modded for PS2. It has a Seimitsu LS-32 and Sanwa OSBN-30 buttons. I took out the top metal plate so the plexi would lay almost perfectly flush with the case edges. I covered the old st/sl buttons with a plexi sheet and art. St/sl are on the back. Buttons are mapped to psx defaults (R1=HP, R2=HK). I made a custom wood bottom and attached it to the metal plate to allow extra clearance for the seimtsu bottom so it’s using the stock shaft at proper height. Sorry I suck at painting, so it’s 3 coats of white latex for the bottom. It is lightly used and i’ve played it on and off for about 3 weeks. I made it to try seimitsu out in a hori case and it totally works. I accept paypal and price is for continental US only. Thanks for looking!









let me know if the deal falls through, I’m very much interested


I’ll take third in line :rofl:


Wow, that is truely beautiful. Good work!


lol a mf doom fan.


damn looks like i missed out on this one


sold to grog. thanks for the kind words everyone. ready for closing, mods.