SOLD: SF2ST HYPER 15th anniversery shirt (unopened) XL comes with Free Evo 2k8 Tee XL

I have a unopened SSF2T HYPER 15th Anniversary Tee (HYPER RARE- It came with the pre-order) for sale for 10$ plus shipping.

You get a FREE Evo 2k8 Tee with your order. Pay 4.95 for priority shipping. Both shirts are XL.


im interested got pics?

Yeah, same here.

wish these were mediums. :sweat: oh well.

I had the same thought, I’d look kinda funny on an XL, heh at OP’s name.

I say in the most :lovin: (no homo) way :slight_smile:

If you have pics I’ll take 'em

WTS: SF2ST HYPER 15th anniversery shit (unopened) XL comes with Free Evo 2k8 Tee XL

People will by any shit these days as long as it’s labeled Street Fighter

Its probably a typo meaning shirt instead of shit…I hope so since im the one who won & just paid him…LOL having $15 of shit delivered to you…

typo fixed… LOL

This can be arranged.

PM me for details.


maybe next time…thanks for letting me know fatboy.