SOLD: SFAnni (Xbox) & GGAC (Wii)

Hey all,

I have an extra copy of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for Xbox as well as Guilty Gear Accent Core for Wii.

Both games are in mint condition with no scratchs or markings of any kind on the discs. Manuals and Cases are also in mint condition and come complete with both.

SF Anniversary (Xbox) SOLD

Guilty Gear: Accent Core (Wii) SOLD

I can provide pics if needed.

PM me if interested.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi I’ll take SF Anniversary. Do you accept paypal?

I PM’d ya MP.

Payment sent :smiley:

Shameless bump. GGAC for wii still available, open to offers.

Price Drop

Bumping for one last price drop…now only $15 shipped!

Im interested in GGAC

Sold, we can close this.