Edit: EVERYTHING SOLD! Thank you buyers and SRK!

I stocked up on a lot of parts two years ago for projects that I never got around to. All parts are new and never used.

8x Cthulhu “not MC” PCB V1.3. Fully assembled with screw down wire posts and USB port. **SOLD OUT

2x 35mm Black Ball Top JLF-TP-8YT-SK w/ Square Gate, Wire Harness, and Shaft Cover. SOLD OUT

2x 35mm Red Ball Top JLF-TP-8YT-SK w/ Square Gate, Wire Harness, and Shaft Cover.** SOLD OUT**

1x 35mm Orange Ball Top JLF-TP-8YT-SK w/ Square Gate, Wire Harness (needs shaft cover or JLF-PP1 dustcover. Comes with the dustcover for shaft covers. It doesn’t fit snug.) SOLD OUT

2x Imp PCB 1.0. Fully assembled with USB port. SOLD OUT

I also have some non-common ground wired Xbox 360 controllers for $15/ea shipped for anyone interested.

I’m located in San Jose, CA if anyone wants to pick up in person instead. I’ll knock off a few bucks since no shipping is involved. Will also give additional discounts when purchasing more than one item.

Shipped prices are for lower 48 states only. I can ship international as well, I will need your country for shipping quotes.

I’m also to offers if anyone wants to do a take all deal. PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks for looking.

Picture below are of the actual parts. I did not photo all the PCB’s, but they all look the same :slight_smile:

Is the Cthulhuthe multi one ? or just regular?

PM’d (or is it gonna now be called conversation’d lol)… messaged regardless haha

I’d be interested to know if the Cthulhu’s are the Multi Console ones also.

Sorry, these are NOT the Multi Console type, but I do know they can be used to dual mod PS3/Xbox 360 (using a piggybacked 360 controller PCB).


PM’d about one of the Cthulhu’s and the orange JLF.

Payment sent for one IMP, thanks buddy!

Payment sent for the orange JLF and 1x Cthulhu. My 2nd custom stick thanks you!

PM’ed about the red and black JLFs

have any squat gates for sale, i’ll also trade my jlf with an octgonal get for one of these

sorry no gates for sale.

bump with update of remaining parts and price drop on remaining cthulhu’s.

Pmd about 2 of the cthulhus.

pm’d for 1 Cthulhu

payment sent


Payment sent for a cthulhu, thank you sir!