SOLD: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo CPS-2 Arcade Blue B-Board

I have this up for Sale on Ebay as a “buy-it-now”, but I’m am offering at a lower price here to fellow SRK members. SOLD . Here is the ebay link for reference.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo / X CPS-2 Jamma B-board !! - eBay (item 300532386186 end time Apr-01-11 10:28:37 PDT)

I will cancel the buy-it-now if an SRK member is interested and buys it, so don’t be dummy and click the buy-it now on Ebay unless you wanna pay the ebay asking price. :rolleyes:

edit: Just about every ST board I have seen on Ebay has ended for over $300 in the past several months so I’m hoping this makes a good deal for someone.

damn good price!

wow. nice

im intrested .

so essentially i just plug this into my new astro city and thats it?

no, First you have to ship me your astro cab…

Yes if you astro is setup for Jamma(With Kick harness), this board will be plug and play

You will need a capcom A-board and a cps-2 kick harness. Then you can play it.

Still available…

Payment Pending.


If the sale doesn’t fall through, I’ll buy it.

PM me if it doesn’t.