SOLD - Super Street Fighter 2 X - CPS2

I need money. So sadly, i’m selling my SSF2X Green board.

The battery is definitly still good.

Comes with both A and B board.

If you look at the last pic below, the counter is still on this board. And yes it still works.

NOT PHEONIXED!!! I don’t believe in pheonixed boards.

I’m selling this for $125 or OBO. Shipped. US Only. PENDING

B board alone is $100 and $30 for A Board. Keep in mind I will not sell the A board alone unless someone buys the B board first.

Paypal Only.

As usual, thanks for looking guys.

So all you need is a monitor?

I’m not what the question is. This is a cps-2 board then you can put in a Jamma stardard alrcade cab or supergun.

has the battery ever been changed?

Yea I over simplify but yea, I meant will it work on a Monitor - Jamma then just plug these two boards in, and your set :rolleyes:.

price drop because of an error I made on another forum.