*sold* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PCB w/extras

  • SOLD *

comes with pcb, instruction manual, and some stickers.


  • $65 shipped via paypal will do. U.S. only!


Holy shit this is sweet…someone get this…I guess that would require having a 4 player cab tho…hrm…maybe I could convince my school to get it cuz they have a 4 player cab…I’ll inquire and get back to u.

That sounds like a plan.

Bump in the mean time.

I am really interested in this, by any chance do you know how well this works with the neobitz encoder? I am planning on getting a jrok for my supergun but I don’t know yet when that’ll happen and I’d like to get this sooner rather than later.

Hey, I believe all supernova’s (which i’m using) have neobitz encoders, and it works fantastic. no problems what-so-ever.

Is there any way to confirm that about the supernova’s encoder? If so that’s news to me and I would definitely be interested in doing some business with you as I see you posting up jamma boards all the time.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work with any Supergun unless that particular encoder has known issues or something. Turtles is a fairly standard JAMMA game and is standard video resolution IINM.

PM sent in case Sazae doesn’t take it.