SOLD! : Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinet (clone) | $1600 (Northern Va)


This was the first cabinet I’ve imported to the US from HK, and I learned a lot. If anyone has questions, please shoot me a PM, i’m happy to help.

Below is the original post,

I ordered this cabinet in September and it arrived yesterday.
Its got some great features and a few things that make it really worth owning.
It is a Chinese knock off made to look like the Tekken 6 cabinets.
Serious buyers only please, I spent a lot of money on shipping, customs, delivery from the warehouse and the cabinet itself, and you will not find a modern LCD cab like this anywhere on the east coast.
Please contact me if you have any questions, technical or just general whatever.

I’m asking for 1600.00 USD for it, getting rid of it for a different model.
(Was asking 1800.00 for it, to make my money back, but if I dont get a buyer soon, I’m going to put some money into the cab and just keep it and wait for my profit sharing from my company to order another cab)
It is currently set up for Jamma style arcade boards (most of the games you’ve played in an arcade are Jamma format.
It comes with a working coin system, Sanwa Japanese arcade controls (12 green OBSF-30 buttons, 2 OBSF-24 green buttons, and 2 JLF sticks with pink ball tops.
The cabinet comes with an amp (not a very good one) to control the volume and will take a regular stereo input from a PC running MAME, or other emulators if you want.

I have all the original shipping, order, and packing lists that came with the cabinet, it is heavy to move, but is on wheels, and shouldn’t need more than 2 people to move it around. (more if you do not have a lift gate on your moving truck)
Arcade LCD Cabinet set up 32inch LCD screen which can display all games (15Khz, 25Khz, 31Khz).
Durable metal cabinet with ABS control panel to enjoy all popular arcade games.

2 Player control panel
32 Inch LCD monitor
Solid metal construction with plastic accents
Sit down relaxed style play

Video - CGA, VGA, YPbPr (component)
(There are HDMI to VGA converters available on the web, for 30 to 150, but I haven’t tried them)
US Power converter inside, normal home outlets work fine.

Shoryuken - One Handed King of Fighters XIII - One hand team style
thats video of KoF 13 at SCR on the same cabinet.

( [media=youtube]rSCP_hwTyvo[/media] - regular youtube link )

I think the stock ball tops are garbage (not sanwa made i think), and I posted the cab locally in craigslist, and got a scam email requesting shipping and a cashiers check already.

If i may ask, why are you selling it if you just got it?

:sad: don’t have the money (holidays mayne) and it’s a sitdown (which are disgusting for me as a tall guy), but good luck, it looks GREAT.

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Any noticeable lag?

selling it because it dosent have HDMI inputs. This is a great cab, but the supposed JLF’s have seriously long shafts (no homo) and as far as I can tell no noticeable lag, but i was playing a cps2 board and have never been a good judge of lag. I’m probably going to try to get an HDMI to VGA converter and test it out, its a really big toy, and it may not sell.

I only post it because I’d like to order another one, and cant justify ordering a different model until this one sells, or I get a profit sharing thing in feb from work hehe.

I’ve sold a bunch to people all over the US and Meus up in Canada, so I’ve got a good rep, and figured if someone wanted a japanese style sit down cab (without HDMI native) I’d save them the anxiety I recently went thru for my first purchase.

I’m confident in the company and have learned to be patient, and I need to ask more questions next time.

If anyone is interested, please dont hesitate to contact me, if your in the NoVa area, and are really interested, let me know, and you can come by and check it out… no weirdos.

Wow amazing cab. Hopefully you sell it. Free Bump.

Cant you just sell or replace the monitor?

Yes, I could replace the monitor, but I’m not sure if I want to go thru that. I mean, taking apart the housing and making sure all the lights on the sides and top of the LCD panel dont get damaged, and finding a monitor that will fit well, and mounting it… sounds like more trouble than its worth. I’m not made of money, so I’d also feel bad if I did replace the monitor and no one wanted to give me a fair price for the old LCD. (after thinking about it, when I was trying to turn the cabinet on, I realized the monitor is using a transformer to get the correct power pull so it can work, I cant just plug it in, I’d need a step converter) - Plus, its a package, you never wanna separate a set of dishes right ?

hehe, on my local craigslist post I gave the reason for selling it “wife aggro”, but she dont mind, she is actually encouraging me to fix this one (the sticks are a weird height, and the monitor issue, also the speakers could be upgraded).

I am confident that I do want to sell this one, since I’ve already got an older supergun kinda set up to play my pcbs on.
-If I dont get any bites the price might drop a little, but nothing substantial, it lists for 1100 on the site, and shipping was 350, delivery was 260, and customs was another 75. I dont want to lose money, but I would like to break even, or as close to it as possible.

Yo. It’s evitagen from arcadeotaku. My friend is coming by this evening I’ll be sure to PM you after I talk with him.

Thanks Ido/Evitagen - give me a call if your friend wants to talk about it.

that looks dope. gl with your sale! :slight_smile:

price drop, if no one takes it at 1600, i’m gonna keep it and wait til bonus time rolls around to order another cab.
-gonna make a post in my local forum too.

Sent you a PM.

responded =)

This cabinet looks sick man. Definitely I’d buy it if I lived a bit closer. Good luck in your sale!

Working on something, it looks good… more pics tomorrow afternoon perhaps ?

what are you planning on getting to replace it, which other LCD cab I mean?

either another similar tekken 6 clone, or a vewlix or lindberg clone, just gotta find one to buy now…

nice, i really wanna score a Delta Stealth from River Service, but its big $$$$$$.