SOLD! Thanks again SRK


I’ve had this HRAP EX sitting SEALED in my closet for 3 weeks. I just opened it this weekend with the intent of adding Sanwa buttons, but decided I didn’t want to make the investment or wait for the parts to come in. It literally has 30 minutes of use, during 15 of which I still had the protective plastic on. IT IS NEW AND MINT.

$120 shipped - OR BEST OFFER


I’m interested. PM me to see how we can do this.


Sent you a PM


If 4lefty doesn’t take this i definitely will. Just PM me with payment details if it falls through.


ok sounds good


fell through. yours if you want it


Yeah, I forgot that I purchased a buncha buttons from so it cut into my credit
=( Damn, this was a dream though. Good luck.


No problem, man. I just refunded you.


No response from bqheath yet. If I don’t get a response by late tonight it’s up for grabs.