Sold: Thanks srk members and site



Thanks for looking.

SE xbox 360 pcb with all the cables/Pelican Converter. SOLD to Ghi
Namco stick. SOLD to Kriztian/picked up local
Soul Edge Edition Namco stick. SOLD to Kaz
Namco stick. SOLD to Rich/picked up local
Both Agetec sticks.SOLD to NiteWalker.


Interest in the namco??? Do you have the picture of the back of the namco???


nice, i just got my namco stick on ebay for 60something also


PM sent, interested in the first two items.


Pmed and sold to this Getlemen

and updated post


clear your inbox meus. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soul Edge Namco?! I’ll take it, lemme know =)


Hey there I am intersted in a Namco stick if still available. Cool to meet up local?


My Box should be cleared. Thanks

Sorry Kasp Soul Edge not for sale

Sure let me know where u located and we can meet up.


lol, drats!! j/k =)


Pm my for the namco near mint japanese one.


Namco stick sold to Kriztian.

Thanks for ur business and it was nice to meet u in person.


Hey Meus are you busy 2morrow can i purchase the SFAC stick


pmed back

Sure let me know what time. Also updated with new item


around 130ish? send me your cellphone number! :stuck_out_tongue:


|Hey meus you wanna trade an age tec for a mas? Davero also wants to buy an agetec. IF we can can we meet up today? i’ll pm my number


Hey Meus - do you have any of the mint namco’s left?
I PM’d you


I want that Soul Edge Namco soooo bad, But my broke soul still burns.


man now that’s mint


pmed back

Sorry no more only that soul edge edition.

Dont worry Raoul u got buy buy its soul is calling u to buy it.