SOLD: Two custom sticks - 1 PS3 stick, one PS1 stick

Hi, I’m selling two custom sticks that I put together some time ago.

First, I have a stick for PS3/PC that I assembled a few months ago, made from an Arcade Review Box. It has a non-glossy white paint job, gunsmith cats art on plain paper, and sanwa buttons and stick. On the inside, the wiring is simple, straightforward with a Cthulu board from Toodles here on the forum. I didn’t have a harness so the wires are soldered directly to the JLF’s connector pins, as you can see. Some dings on the corners and minor marks from about 2 weeks usage, or about 4 hours of total use. The bottom has not been sealed shut, I was waiting to install another PCB to make it dual console but I never got around to it. Also! the USB cord I have is really short, like 3 feet. You will either need an extender, or to replace it with your own. 90 bucks shipped to USA, or best offer.

Photos of this stick:

The insides:

Second, I have a stick I made for PS1/Ps2 that I made for my girlfriend, but it’s only been used a few times, since she mostly plays DOA on 360 now. It features a Katamari Damacy graphic with strawberries, and the letters RBH on the bottom left. It has a balltop with strawberries on it that I got from Per at . The PCB is from an anniversary edition pad. On the bottom is a foam rubber pad, and the screws are easily accessible. The stick is a sanwa JLW (not jlf!) and the buttons are standard sanwa buttons. I built this case myself. 70 bucks shipped to USA, or best offer.



Please note, I can’t change or modify these things at all. Sorry, I have two full time jobs and I am taking care of a special needs child and another child, I’m pretty much in the negative as far as free time is concerned. All the money for these is going toward my family.
Both Items have been sold. Thanks.**

Wow, some excellent prices there. Good luck!

dropped you a PM of interest :smile:

Great prices. Someone Buy these things, these are a steal at these prices.


Edit: Im not sure if Im able to send you a PM or not but I`d take the PS1 sticks along with adding any additional shipping cost that it would take to ship here to Canada

Let me know

To use the trading outlet (sell or trade) you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.

I thought it was to sell and trade. I didn`t think it applied to buyers

Edit: I maybe new here but I`ve been selling, trading and buying for a long time. If anyone has any needs any reliable feedback from me I can provide them no problem.

I will look up the rules again and re-read them I was sure it only applied to sellers or traders.

very nice sticks and very cheap! these should be gone before tonight. someone pick em up final_cut is a great guy (no homo)

yea buying you’re fine.

Hey thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

I am tempted to say you can’t sell just to buy it myself though :rofl:.

Hi, I’ve gotten a ton of offers in my PMs, so please bear with me. I had some good offers for me right off the bat, so both are pending payments. If someone backs out, I’ll PM the next person that has responded. Thanks a bunch, I appreciate the offers to help me out. Once things are sold I’ll mark it as such.

I can confirm, final_cut was a great person to deal with…Nice sticks bro!

BTW what is that on your AV? Is that Blanka wearing panties?

It’s one of his hot sisters.

o yea

Geez, do I always just get out-PMed by people? This is the second time this happened me specifically with you. :rofl:

Make yourself not so popular man

is the ps3 stick sold already?


It’s not sold but I’m waiting on the paypal payment. If I don’t hear back by the end of the day It’ll go to the next person who PMd me.


I wish I had fifty posts so I could utilize the trade post! Beautiful sticks.

I’m extremely tempted to buy that ps1 stick. My girlfriend’s initials are actually RBH and she loves katamari.

edit-do you know if the jlw mounting holes can fit a jlf? If it can fit a jlf and it’s not already sold I’ll take it.

Oh man final_cut, you selling the Strawberry Stick.
With the super rare Strawberry Ball Top too. :sad:

I want that Ball Top. :crybaby: