SOLD, ty ~


      This PCB was sent straight from Madcatz a couple of months ago (was sent 2, one for SE, that I never ended up using :P), I never got around to putting it in my TE/SE, so now im getting rid of it. Brand new straight from madcatz ~ Selling @ **35$ shipped,** down below for pictures:


ALL brand new and never used:
16$ Shipped for each set (will not break up sets):

White set SOLD
Red set SOLD

Recent Sales:
Used TE (OckS)
White/Black Buttons (R2J)
Red/Black Buttons (.Cobra)

added items

Oh MAN do I wish I had the money for that Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PCB! That’s a great price you’re letting that go for, Ketchy Kech. good luck with your sales man! :tup:

thanks ikagi~~ goodluck on flash man…im still rooting for you :lol:

Might be interested in those buttons, let me get back to you, though. Got a couple other transactions to try and take care of.

NP, just drop me a PM whenever ~

Sent you a PM regarding the TE Case with 360 PCB.

Thanks man! Just out of curiosity since I think it’ll help some people trying to buy them, what color are those reddish OBSF-30’s? Are they vermillion or red? Perhaps orange?


**not **!!!

hence why im selling em :stuck_out_tongue:

recieved PMs,

i wont seperate PCB from case , sorry!

I have the sale pending on the TE case+PCB by meus, since he msged me before you guys, but i’ll let you know if he decides not to.

TE back up for grabs, msging ocKs to see if hes interested, however

TE Case+PCB is sold, so is the white sanwa Set !

PM sent !

sale pending on other set of sanwa buttons ~

Deng I was about to ask about buttons… Good shiet ketchy!!

Thanks beast ;] i’ll let you know if it falls through!

I’ll take that red set if it falls through. Just PM me your paypal. :slight_smile:

TE Sold. White Buttons Sold. and Red Buttons pending.

Sorry for delayed shipping (have class all day for the last 2 days). If they dont get out today they will def be out tomorrow. (USPS/UPS may be closed by the time I get out).


All orders shipped out today.

All thats left is Red Buttons (Pending…but about to re-sell if I dont get a response soon!)

and 360 TE PCB

Red Buttons sold! .Cobra I still need your addy, please PM it to me!