SOLD! v(-_o)v v(^_^)V

Need a lil money to hold me over till tommorow

Mint condition bradygames 320+ page strat guide for Star Ocean 4 SOLD!

Also have a presoldiered ps1 dualshock that ill sell for 5$ plus shipping SOLD!

and another ps1 dual shock (no common ground) for 5$ plus shipping thats not prewired. SOLD!!!

Logitech 4000 Webcam w/o stand still works good records at 640x480. Older model. 12$ plus shipping SOLD!!!

i read the title and got excited only to find out it was not the game, but the strategy guide :frowning:


thanks changing title.


PM’d Guide and 1 Presoldiered PCB on hold.

Put me next in line if the PSone Presoldered PCB falls through

Guide and presoldiered pcb sold

Top updated.

Unsoldiered ps1pcb and camera still avail.

how much for the webcam?

PMs sent

other pcb sold

erik PMED

Price Drop on camera

everything sold yay!