SOLD: Virtua Stick High Grade - $80 Shipped OBO

Got this from my local import shop. Only tried it out once (the day I bought it). Revision M I believe (I’ll make sure when I get home). I have way too many joysticks already so something had to go. It’ll be sent out from Northern California. I accept PayPal. PM me if you’re interested.

Edit: Item has been sold.

i’m interested, where in norcal are you?

I live in Salinas and work in Palo Alto. I don’t really want to drive anywhere to drop it off though. Not unless you know where the Frys in Palo Alto is. I can go there since I work right next to it.

pick a day, pm me the address, date and time you want to meet and i can pay cash. a number where you can be reached would be good too. thanks

If it hasn’t been sold, I’ll take it, assuming it does have the revision mark (M or S). Looks like I might be too late; if not, let me know. Thanks.

pm sent a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give you $90

there’s an import shop in salinas?

yeah its in south side i think… i used to live over in salinas its kinda ghetto nowadays… lol

i’m thinking he got it at user side at the japanese shopping center at saratoga ave. i think vshg is $100 plus tax there or so i’ve heard. its a computer shop but they have random stuff there like hrap’s and vshg’s.

but if anybody is wondering i’m supposed to pick up the vshg in question on monday.

yeah I don’t normally visit salinas cause I like not having bullets in me, but maybe one of these days when I’m feeling bored and having some in-n-out I’ll take a swing over there and check the place out. :rofl:

there’s an import shop in san jose…

yeah. that’s exactly where i picked it up. it’s an awesome place for buying import games. their policy is absolutely no returns for joysticks so i couldn’t return it. fortunate for you i guess…