SOLD! WTB/WTT Black TE-S Side Pieces


hey hey!

lookin to buy your black TE-S side/end pieces if you got any extra or dont want for a reasonable price.
i have the white pieces from my round1 TE for trade if you’re into that kinda thing…

hit me up in the pm’s



or can anyone point me in the direction of some side pieces? i know about the wooden ones, not sure if i wanna go that fancy/expensive…


last chance! nobody wanna help a brother out?


You still need the black TE-S Sides? If you do I’ll trade you for your round 1 sides.


well i just bought some wooden ones but yea i’ll be down to trade. my round 1’s are sitting here collecting dust anyway

pm me your info


What condition are they in? You got the six screws for the sides. These are in Pretty good condition, the right one has a small chip on the part facing the bottom outside corner. They have a few minor scratches here and there but not that noticeable.


theres only a few scratches on them. you’ll only notice it when you look at it at certain angles. theres also a bump on one of the back corners about 2mm wide. nothing too severe. yes i do have the screws for them.

oh and to pm you click the handle of the person and start a conversation. its weird i know


Just sent you a pm