(SOLD)WTS: 360 TE stick $109.99 shipped -OR- TE stick + SFIV game $119.99 shipped


Up for sale:

  • Lightly used, excellent condition Xbox 360 tournament edition fightstick, $109.99 shipped to the continental U.S. (Stick comes with original box)


  • TE stick + copy of SFIV for the Xbox 360, together for $119.99 shipped to the continental U.S. (Game is complete with manual/case)

No camera atm. But pics shouldn’t really be necessary. Check my feedback here and on ebay under real-gamer1 to buy with confidence! Items are complete and in excellent condition.

Paypal only. All sales final. Will ship UP TO 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT IS MADE.

No trades sorry! Need to get this sold!

Thanks! :woot:

when you say 119.99 shipped does that mean that includes shipping? also are you willing to ship it faster if i throw in more?

edit: also have you opened/ voided the warranty on the stick?

i dont have rep here but i do have an ebay account: bosstycoon510

This mean you’re waiting in line? As long as there are no scratches/marks/scars/puppy drool on the TE stick, I’m in. I’m pretty ocd about marks on cases, I know it would bug me seeing a scratch on top. Hell, throw in SF4 on the 360 too. $120 shipped, threw in an extra penny for you. If Ronnie isn’t serious, send me your paypal.

ya this is a sweet deal that i cant pass up, just awaiting what home boy says lol

Saying “shipped” generally means total price, so you’ll be paying $120 total for everything. If you want it, go for it, I may just pick up a HRAP LE now, see how a Semeitsu stick feels.

Yessir, shipped means includes shipping. And nope, I have not opened it up and/or voided warranty.

Lol, “faster” would only be a day faster at best. Like, if you bought it today I still most likely wouldn’t be able to ship it until tomorrow. But curious how much you would add???

yo dan that deal is mine.

I’m already in line, sent him a pm a few hours ago. Waiting on Ronnie to say yes or no, I can send paypal ASAP.

Normally I don’t hold/do lines but since I didn’t specify this time around, here’s the line so far:

1.) Ronnie
2.) Kitsunisan
3.) Meus

hey dan…if they turn up to be no shows/no buy…cool if i pick it up?

Sure thing…but, against 3 others, lol.

To be honest I might start moving down the list if I don’t hear from Ronnie by later tonight (Later later). I really REALLY need this sold like now :frowning: But I’m still trying to be fair here.

u take money orders?

If he doesn’t show, send me a pm.

im here, hold up lemme read what he said lol, when i said faster shipping i mean like instead of that slow one week shipping, upgrade to the quicker one, i forgot what its called

for example, instead of using first-class, i want priority which is faster, thats what i mean

Actually we don’t live too far from each other, every type of shipping would only take 2 days to get to you, so honestly there’s no reason for you to spend any more money on speedier delivery (This is going off of USPS).

oh okay, got it
pm’ed you

PM’d back.

SOLD! Thanks everyone!