**SOLD** WTS 8 button PS2 MAS stick



Okay, so this time I am CERTAIN this is for sale. Was originally selling because I planned on switching over to Xbox to play my fighters (And don’t trust/care to bother with the PS2 - 360 sniper converter) then I changed my mind, but now I bought a 360 after playing on my friend’s live account on his 360 and saw the tremendous online difference.

TL;DR: I bought a new 360 and am selling/trading to get a 360 stick! :tup:

INFO: Again, hardly been used. Maybe a week’s worth of casual playing. There is a white line on the right side of the stick, that’s about ~1 inch long. Was like that in the packaging. Buttons and stick are standard MAS stock Happ comp and convex stick and buttons. 8 button layout. Bought new for $160 + tax earlier this year.
$150.00 USD OBO shipped to the continental U.S. only. Sorry! Paypal only.**

Also considering trading for a 360 TE stick/custom Sanwa stick in similar excellent/like new condition, low mileage is cool too. =] TBH though I’ve never traded anything over mail, so I’m a little skeptical about it. Selling would be preferred but I’m not going to throw the idea away just yet.

Here are the same pics as of last time:

Please don’t be afraid to leave reasonable offers. I will look it over and let you know asap!

Stick will be shipped within 2 business days of purchase, please understand this before purchase!!!

I’ve done a lot of business on this site and hopefully it shows! I have a couple reviews too luckily since that new system was implemented. So buy with trust friends! :tup:




Just placed on eBay as well, you can also check my feedback there!!!


i’ll trade you a modded SE stick.

lemme know. we can meet up somewere.


Condition? Parts? Pictures? :smile:


Trade you a brand new TE 360 stick. never been opened. I’m in socal so maybe we can meet up somewhere in between and save on shipping for the both of us.

EDIT: I thought the MAS stick was modded for 360. I do have a hacked 360 pad lying around I could swap in but I’m not going to use the ps2 innards at all. Makes the deal a little sour for me. Do you have anything to sweeten the deal? Also is it the smaller size or the standard full size?

http://www.massystems.com/ProStick.html , which is local to you, sells it for $100. why was your original price 160? Did they raise their prices?



I have a hori FS3 modded with a 360 madcatz 4716 pad and jlf and sanwa snap in buttons id trade.:s:


Nah, see I bought the stick at a convention, sort of an impulse buy. I don’t regret buying it…it’s just that, like said before, I’m switching to 360 now and don’t trust the PS2 - 360 converters out there. Oh well that’s life though.

Oh and it’s a full size super pro stick.

Anyways I’m EXTREMELY interested in getting that 360 TE off of your hands! :lovin: TBH though there’s not too much I can offer, I just bought the 360 last night. I can offer the stick + $40 for starters. And a Radioshack PS2 - USB/PS3 converter, don’t know if that will do you much good but just in case I figure I’d mention it.

Please don’t give up on this though!! This would perfect for me.

OH, I can throw in Capcom Fighting Evolution! =D

But yes, let me know if there’s anything you can think of that would get this deal going. I’ve got lots of random crap.


Pm’d you dan.


I tried to think of something else i’d want, and can’t particularly think of anything.

So okay, I’m fine with your offer. Mas Stick + 40 + 'shack usb for the brand new TE sounds fine to me.

you can keep capcom fighting evoluion LOL

PM me your MSN/AIM/email/etc and we’ll set up some time and place to meet up.


Great! PM’ing now.


Just received payment from the very first person interested in buying. Stick is sold, sorry everyone!!