SOLD - WTS - $90 - 360 Modded Mayflash Arcade Stick with Sanwa/Seimitsu Parts


I’m selling my modded stick for various reasons. Notably, I’m moving to the far corner of the country and can’t really take it with me… and I suck with it. It’s based on a Mayflash stick. Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu LS-32-01 stick. It has the Mayflash PCB and a MadCatz Retro Arcade 360 PCB in it. I wired it up using terminal strips for easy work later if there was a need.

The 360 side is great (wired for A, B, X, Y, LB, RB… and guide and start). The problem is that recently, the Mayflash side started acting up. It’s in a constant flicker mode of sorts… where directions and buttons are being triggered without clear cause. I don’t know why it’s doing this. It could be an easy fix, but it’s possible that the PCB may need to be replaced. Whatever the case, I’m selling it primarily as an arcade-grade modded 360 stick with possible PS2/PS3 support if you tinker with it. I just don’t know enough to mess with it.

The good news is, I’m not expecting to get the full value (I think I spent around $150 for parts alone… then invested lots of time and sweat into putting it together) of the stick because of this. The bad news is that I make no promises on the repairability of the Mayflash PCB (but since most people seem to prefer an easily purchased Sony PCB anyway, it’s not the biggest deal ever). Even still, the 360 side gives me no trouble.

Here are some pics of the inside and outside.

If you’re interested, PM me with an offer (please don’t lowball me, though). I’m not particularly interested in trading out for anything, but I won’t rule out partial trade offers completely.


You should part it out.
BTW you NEED to put a price of some sort or they’ll close this thread


Forgot about the price thing. Thanks. Not really interested in parting it out, though. Thanks for that suggestion, too.


NIce, thats a good deal.


I thought so, too. Since it looks like it’s a buyer’s market now that it’s been saturated with sticks… I had to go with a good deal.

It’s been a while since I last shipped a stick, but I think shipping costs weren’t too bad.


Price reduction. I’m broke, moving, and I need to move this. Price reduced to $90 + actual shipping costs.