SOLD WTS: Hori EX2 Soul Caliber IV [X360] Modded w/All Sanwa


WTS: Hori EX2 Soul Caliber IV [X360] Joystick Modded w/All Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable, Square Restrictor Gate, OBSF-30 Pushbutton with Vertical Microswitch and Dynamat Xtreme Sound Dampening/Added Weight.

Dremeled Out and Shaved Shaft Opening in Bottom Panel for additional clearance. [does not hit rub on table/lap etc]

Ground traces are cut on JLF PCB to achieve compatibility with EX2’s PCB Controller.

Will include original EX2 parts.

Owned since release of HD REMIX.

Works well and is a pretty straight forward mod/design.

Selling for the TE FS.

Pics on the way.


Price: $65 includes S/H Paypal to lower 48 States US

Go here for pics:


Pics, interested.

me included, and did you keep the original pcb in there? can i see your work, i mean the guts of the joystick. do have you input problems with the stick?

no prob…pics hopefully by tonight …i’m at work …lol

yes, orig. is still there

Local pickup okay? I’m over in Berkeley and I want this.

intrested in stick

nevermind fuk!!!

I’ll get it if no one wants it or the other deals don’t fall through.


Local pickup is fine.

Please PM me if seriously interested. <~ I actually get the notifications

I don’t seem to get notified via email when you guys post replies in the thread :shrug:

Will get back to everyone accordingly tonight (am out working)


Bidding on the stick is welcomed… for everyone else pics will be up by tonight.

Nevermind. Not interested, I’m not bidding on this.

Bidding isn’t allowed, right? According to the rules.

looking forward to pics, very interested.

true. you have to set a price and work on the first come first serve basis. this isnt ebay.

Interested. Put me on list if deals fall through.

Will you ship to Europe? I’m also very interested… I’m trying this mod myself :smiley:

Okay no bidding then.
$65 shipped paypal as stated before.
I could do Europe…but that would be around $65 JUST for the shipping/handling =
Local Sale Pending

Pics will be up between 6:30-7PM tonight PST

Here is the current order of PM’s (bottom = first) and timestamps.
Gotta PM me. Thx

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Okay pics have been finally added.
…'preciate your patients…