SOLD WTS: Hori EX2 Soul Caliber IV [X360] Modded w/All Sanwa

this is an amazing deal, unfortunately i’ll have to pass for now, just got a bunch of stuff from circuit city. Good luck and thanks for being helpful jt415gz!

sent a pm

Damn i way to slow, does this have Quick Disconnects? This way too good of a deal for the person who gets it…

Sanwa stick = 25
6 Sanwa buttons = 25
shipping = 12

That’s like $62 right there alone, so you’re pretty much just paying for a 360 stick for $3…

Ill take it but ill have to pay tmmrow… actually today… since its 2 am you know what i mean. :rofl:

Pm Me with Paypal Info.

You’re last dude.

Isn’t it usually first to pay ??

anyway im ready when u are if u dont sell it to someone else… :rolleyes:

pm sent

its about how to dremel out the hole on your stick

Damn! Good luck with the sale then :slight_smile:

Ha, sucks. I thought I’d be first since I posted first. Oh well.

its sold guys…i appreciate the interests