*sold* - WTS: Like new stock Hori EX2


Hey, you all know what the deal on the Hori EX2 is, so I won’t be hitting you with a sales-pitch hyping it. I bought two of these sticks a short while back in order to have one available for other people, but my local friends and family have no interest in using the stick. As such, I have this stick, which was used only once, in its original box and ready to ship out.

I’m asking $40 + actual shipping. My best guess on shipping cost is $10. Which brings the total up to $50 shipped.

I’m only interested in taking payment via PayPal.

PM with your offer.


hey man hook me up with that, i live here in Olympia…How far away are from here?


PM’d You


Blast. This got attention quick. I should have asked for more. :rofl:

I gotta go with people in order of messages I’ve received. I’ll get back to you all in turn and as quickly as I possibly can.

Current order of offers received:
rcaido (posted here)
AL the great (received PM)
AKPlaymaker_88 (I don’t see a PM from you, but your message here was posted after the above PM. PM me if you wanna keep updated.)


Sorry abut that, for some reason it didn’t send. I sent another one.


Damn seems im too late, i actualy posted a thread wanting one!

anyway if all the deals dont go through ill take it.


I wasn’t expecting so many responses, but here’s an update.

It definitely looks like the one I listed is going to be moved, but I’ve received offers upping the value a bit. As I mentioned, I have a second EX2. I wasn’t planning on selling it, but I’m thinking it will be worth it if that gives me what I need to make a custom stick happen. I love my EX2 greatly, but going custom multi-console has a certain appeal.

With that in mind, I’m now offering up my second EX2 at $50+actual shipping. This one functions like new, and it comes in the original box. The only cosmetic difference between the two is that this one’s upper plastic layer (kind of like a laminate above the label sheet thing on the surface) shows some… er… heat marks/stretching (I really have no idea how to describe it other than comparing to a thin plastic layer above anything that sometimes stretches/shrinks/changes from when heat and friction have been applied to it) from usage. It has absolutely no effect on functionality, and it is the only cosmetic flaw on the unit (and it’s rather minor at that… pretty sure every stick will do the same thing after an hour of use).

Anyway… here’s the current priority listing for offers:
Current order of offers received:
AL the grea


The sticks have sold. Thanks for your offers. Good luck finding a stick that suits your needs and budget! :tup: