SOLD wts: Mass joystick xbox360/PS2/PS3 competition buttons EBAY avail

Hello I’m trying to sell my mass joystick its been used sporadically here and there i would say 2-3 weeks of daily use put together, I bought it like 3 months ago, its in perfect condition and its got an Inpin converter I reduced the starting price to $200

If you live on Socal we can meet somewhere i don’t have to sell it on Ebay necessarily. let me know if you got any questions.

Hey you might want to run a spellcheck on that auction, should help with the sale :slight_smile: GL!

I can’t unfortunately but I’ll keep it in mind next time lawl

Is the in-pin make the controller just that much more expensive? I have a mass built exactly almost as yours, save that its 8 buttons and I got it for 125$ open bidding no buy out.

Why is yours closing in on 300$ and you paid almost 400$ for it? I’m just curious and would like to know.

call mass systems and ask for a quote for a ps2/3 xbox360 joystick and they’ll tell you its like $ 360- $ 380. a xbox360 joystick sells for $160 dollars anyways i decided to start teh auction at 200 cause im in a hurry.