SOLD --WTS: New custom Stick! Cheap!


Comes loaded with all new parts pictured, you will need to add your PCB and Art. $90 shipped.
My first custom build. Golden Oak poly finish. Sanwa / Semitsu(24mm front Start/Select). Trying to get into custom building. Wow, these take a lot of effort to make. Its not perfect but i’m happy with it. I’ve got another one in the works that will be done soon.


what system is this for good sir? :slight_smile:


Its the just the box and parts pictured. You will need to add your own PCB and ART.


I think its any system you want just add the PCB of your choice.


Price drop…




Bump for a good deal! This + a $10 Madcatz retro arcade stick and a piece of paper (blank art) = SUPER budget deal on a quality build stick! Good luck to you!


Nice stick.

Can you please post the dimensions?

And is that already a sanwa JLF? I can’t really tell.

Thanks in advance.


woah, nobody snatched this yet?

it’s like hard enough just getting the arcade components, I thought this was a complete steal


All Sanwa parts including JLF with 2 semitsu black 24mm infront. Demensions are 11.5"w by 9" deep and 2.5" high. The top panel is routed 3/4" MDF which give it great heft and solid feel. This is one hell of a deal. I can’t believe its still available.


I know, man, I thought this was going to get snatched up in a heartbeat, super budget deal… Someone will pick it up, dun worry.


Looks great, good luck with buy. I really wanted it . . .but no dedicated home/guide button.



Don’t you have your Guide and Start on the top left, the black buttons? That’s my setup, at least.


Is it possible to place this on hold?


Sure how long?


I have some stuff to take care of-4 more hours? If I don’t get back to you by like 3 for it, then consider it up for grabs?


He wants a dedicated Guide button since those two would be for Back and Start.


On my stick, I only used two function buttons. One for guide, one for start. I felt back wasn’t really needed. When was the last time you used the back button really?


in SF4 when you do the trial modes. pressing the back button allows you to see what the motion for the moves are, instead of the name.

Steve, ive also pm’d you before but havent received a reply, where can i purchase gold QD’s?


Still up for grabs… Last price drop before I remove it for sale. $90