(SOLD) WTS: New Sanwa buttons and JLF

I just ordered a new panel for my cabinet. It came populated with two sets of buttons and JLFs, and I’m going to replace the buttons to match my color scheme.

I am selling one of the JLFs, plus all of the buttons

This is an example of the panel they came off of:


All buttons are snap-ins, brand new, straight from Japan.

So it breaks down like this:

(1) JLF-TP-8T $25 (choice of the blue or red balltop)

(6) 30mm OBSF-30 Blue $2.50 each

(6) 30mm OBSF-30 Red $2.50 each

(1) 24mm OBSF-24 Red $2 each

(1) 24mm OBSF-24 Blue $2 each

$55 takes it all. All prices include shipping.

I am so tempted to buy this.

Such a steal. I got 8 30mm and a JLF from LL for 62 bucks.

PM sent.

If coatl doesent want it ill buy the whole set

just wondering,where did you order your panel and is the panel in a rectangular shape like that in the picture?

I ordered it from River Service in Japan. They are awesome to work with. I highly recommend them.


Good prices, comes fully stocked with Sanwa, and shipping (while a little pricey) took like 3 days.

And yes, it’s a rectangle (with a slight round on the corners). It’s an Aero City, not an Astro City panel.

I got about 5 pms right away on this. I’ll get to you all in the order you pm’d.

I will add though, that site has really good prices on buttons and sticks, but the shipping on stuff is like $40-50 to the U.S., so unfortunately it’s not a great deal unless you’re buying a ton or a control panel.

Sold almost immediately. Thanks for looking.

so how much it cost you for that panel and shipping? and does the panel feel flimpsy or hard, im thinking buying one and bolt it on a wood frame, my only worry is that if the surface is not hard enough, it will dent in when i press the buttons, im a pretty aggressive with my stick, plus my newphew often come in my room and step/yank on my stuff…

DanSC I will pm you.

So was that of 1 set for $55 or did you sell both for $55? Either way that’s a heck of a deal

Both sets of buttons, only one JLF for $55.

It’s a good deal with the free shipping I guess, especially since most places are so backed up on orders right now.