*Sold!* WTS: *Price Drop* Dual Mod Metal Breifcase Stick RJ-45 MC + 360 compatible

This is for a Metal Briefcase stick.
Seimitsu LS-32
All Seimitsu buttons. The 30mm six have PS-14-KN Rims with a PS-14-GN Opaque Plunger.
RJ-45 jack, USB cable, PS 1/2 cable, Gamecube Cable

PS3, Xbox 360, PC/Mac , PS1/2, Gamcube Compatible.

$ Shipped to USA




Comes with cables similar to pictured in this stick. Cables may be different color.


Older pics of stick can be seen here.

I just want to iterate here, rtdzign does some great work here. I’m currently using one of his briefcases that he designed and wired up for me, and I’ve got nothing but good things to say.

Anyone looking for a quality multi-console arcade stick should really consider this.

Very tempting. I’m debating this. =)

Is that LS32 modded in any way? Like extra tension or circle gate?

Thanks for the good word. :tup:

LS-32 is stock.

You sure have super a lot of those Aluminum DS Cases.

In total I think I had about 6 of those cases and found 3 of the larger PSP ones. But found no more.

Price Drop!


price dropped again!

those start/select buttons are waaaayyyyy too close to punch/kicks buttons man… wayy too close

They aren’t start and select, they are for LB/L1 and LT/L2

Does it come with the other wires for the 360 and the PS3? Does it also work for the Dreamcast? If it does, do you have the wire for that too?
I ask because I noticed that you said that it is compatible with the 360 and PS3 not that you have the wires like the others.

Comes with a USB cable for PS3/ Xbox 360 / PC and Mac.
PS2/PS1 cable
Gamecube Cable.

No Dreamcast support I’m afraid.

Pm sent.

Price Drop.

I thought it was sold :frowning: I would have bought this but I just bought another stick…