[SOLD]WTS: PS3 SFIV SE Fightstick w/ modded buttons and custom artwork


Selling PS3 MadCatz SFIV SE FightStick:

Modded with 6 OBSF-30 Sanwa orange buttons and 2 OBSM Series 30mm Hole Plugs. The joytick is stock. Fightstick is in excellent condition. Included is custom artwork as well. I will include the stock black buttons for the buyer of this arcade stick.

Selling for 80 shipped. Today only! Can’t beat this price seeing that others are selling for higher. Will ship within Canada and USA. Thanks for looking, fellow SRK members.


b u m p




good luck on your sale


Sale pending.


PM sent.




BUMP! Price drop from 100 to 90.


Price dropped to 80! For today only. If nobody buys today, I’m putting this on eBay!


hey i cannot pm because i dont have enough posts but i would like to buy this stick
please pm me for email



PM sent.


Pending sale with gallonjug.


Sold to gallonjug!