SOLD-WTS: Tri-Modded Old School MAS joystick (customized) $200.00


The Neutrix Feedthrough in the last photo isn’t loose nor wiggles as it may appear in this photo. It’s secure.

This mod was done by local bud 4KeySimba and he also did a great job. It currently has a AKISHOP PS360+ MULTI-CONSOLE JOYSTICK PCB and all necessary switch connectors and wires ($100 retail), 8 brand new Sanwa Denshi OBSF 30mm pushbuttons 6 vermilion, 2 white ($25 retail), 8 Silencer button cushions ($2 retail), and that is a brand new IL Eruostick ($12 retail). The Start, Select, and Analog (which I can’t find a link to) buttons are still the original ones that came with the joystick back in 2001, however I have replaced the Cherry switchtes so those will still work for a very long time. The analog button has serves no purpose with this current upgrade, but it would still work if it was wired to. I still have the original Happ convex buttons, so if you would like those too, I can include them in the shipment as well. Or I can swap them out before shipping if you prefer.

Thank you.

$200.00 + shipping
Included: Modified MAS Systems Joystick. Works on PSX/PS2/PS3/360/PC
1 13 Foot Black PSX PS2 to RJ45 Cable
1 13 Foot Black USB to RJ45 Cable (used for Xbox360, PS3, and PC) auto detects the system


Price drop. MLG from $160 to $130, and HDPVR from $105 to $95 shipping included.


Brand new to fighting games… Debating on picking this up for a first ever fightstick, just debating between this, a q4, or a mat catz te…

Either way, freebump


It is actually a Madcatz TE (you can confirm this on the left flap), it is the MLG edition. Thanks for the interest.

I’ve got one person who’s requested me to hold the Fightstick for them until they talk to their girl. So I gave him until the end of the day to get back to me. If you’re still interested in it after that, ZRock, I would love for this to be your first fightstick. You’re not going to find another one like it.




Both items are still up for sale. None of these people are serious buyers.


What is being used for the dual mod, which PCB?


I’m deadly serious about obtaining this…


I’ll charge you $210.00 to ship to the UK. Take it or leave it.


Mate I’ll do that right now, PM me paypal and I’ll pay ASAP.


Both items sold. Thank you!


Bumping this back up since I’m selling my MAS joystick now and didn’t see the need of creating a new thread. Aint nobody got time fo that.


price drop for the MAS.


last drop. $200.00 for the mas stick.