"SOLD" WTS/WTT: Souji5 PS2/PS3 Custom


Hey guys,

I’m selling this excellent Souji5 custom PS2/PS3 stick. I originally bought this as a PS3 stick and to try out a different button layout. My main Souji5 stick was 360 only but I recently Duel modded it with a PS360 PCB, so now I have no need for this one. I am hoping this goes to someone who will use it as it is an excellent stick. I honestly don’t know what PCB Souji used in this stick but it works for PS3, PS2, and PC. Specs and pics Below.

JLF Stick with Black Ball Top
6 Black OBSF30 Sanwa Face Buttons
2 Seimitsu start/select buttons
Jinx Aluminum Feet

Sanwa Square Gate
Sanwa LB-30-N Bat Top Black + Adaptor

Post or PM me if you have any questions. Would also be willing to trade for some PS3/Xbox 360 games or a PSP (2001 model). Let me know what ya got!


That is a Sweet stick dude! If it is still around after I get some of my stuff sold I will have to look in to it.


Thanks man. It really plays great too!




Just sold my last one on Ebay. -_-


Damn thats sux. Let me know if you get your hands on another one!


I might be able to pick something up in a week or so. PM me about this time next week.


Awesome looking stick man.

You could just ask for a PSP and mod it yourself, however…


Yeah thats True. if I could get a trade going that would be nice. But most people are looking for cash.


Damn lol, I don’t get paid again till next thursday. If this still hasn’t been sold by then, I’ll definitely take it off your hands.


My inbox has been cleared. Sorry people,go ahead and PM me if you need to!


Had to completely clear my Inbox again. This time I made a bunch more space. Keep the offers coming!



I have a modded PSP that I do not use any more. I am interested in getting a stick. While I play mostly on PC, I am wondering how difficult it would be to make this a 360 compatible stick?

  • Thanks!


Responded to your PM.


that is a beauty


Sold to Muffman! Stick will ship tomorrow afternoon. Thanks