**SOLD** WTS Xbox 360 TE stick used, $100.00 shipped to U.S

SOLD thank you SRK!

Bought my friend an American stick for his bday, he feels much more comfortable on that, so just my luck, he gave me his TE! I however am not in need for another stick atm, so just trying to make up the cash.

No pics atm, but really you all know what it looks like. No scratches/dings/whatever, just fingerprints, excellent condition! =]

$100.00 shipped to the U.S. only. Would rather not deal outside of U.S. but shoot me a PM either way.

Paypal only, all sales final. Shipping to U.S. only preferably. Will ship up to 2 business days after payment is made.

First come, first serve.

Thanks SRK!