SOLD: Xbox 360 60gb Jasper + TE Stick & Games



What You Get:

Xbox 360 w/ Jasper chip in like-new condition. This was an Xbox 360 Arcade unit purchased new in March '09. It still is under warranty from Target. The warranty sticker is on the unit.

60 GB Hard Drive

Madcatz Tournament Edition SFIV Stick in like-new condition in original box.

Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for Xbox
Sega Superstars Tennis Etc. Arcade Disc for Xbox 360 [sealed]

All appropriate cords (a/c adaptor & power brick, a/v cord)

1 Xbox 360 wireless controller (this has been dropped a few times and the R1 button is kinda gummy as a result)

1 $60 videogame of your choice - I have $60 in credit at my local gamestore and will buy whatever you want so long as they have it in stock.

Will ship within 5 days of receipt of payment. I accept paypal, money order, or personal check. (Payments made by check may require extra time to process)

PM or post in thread if interested or questions.




how much for just the system and what’s the manufacture date on that?


I don’t really want to part it out just yet (rather sell the whole boodle as a bundle) but I might if no one wants the set in a few days. I already have plenty of takers for the TE alone.

The mfr date on the console is 12/09/2008


EDIT: Also, would you want just the console, or the console and the HD?


i love my jasper loads much faster than my previous old 360.

you selling it cuz u have a ps3?


Nope, selling it because

#1, I’m in grad school and have no time
#2, giving up gaming entirely
#3, I want the money to buy more drum stuff



giving up gaming…

what u want for the TE?


dude, I feel the same way, selling my stuff for guitar stuff and I need to get my piano tuned.

it’s for a good cause. ;-;


As I said earlier, I’m not splitting up the bundle yet. And if I do, I already have a long line of people who want to buy the TE.



pullin the trigger on this

sorry chumps