SOLD: Xbox360/PC Custom Seimitsu LS-55/Sanwa Buttons


I might be interested in this, getting paid tomorrow so I will let you know and if the stick is still available. Been looking for a 360 stick forever. How is the stick mounted? I am not familiar with the LS-55 so I don’t know what type of mounting plate it uses if any.

sense im the asshole of srk im gonna have to lol @ u…

dog i seen the thread about u not bein able to get used to the stick… its natural its takes atleast a month or 2 of hardcore play to get used to stick plus u have to take time and train non versus… no one is spending 180…either drop it below 150 or keep training…i advise u keep training…and stop this cry for help sale…jeeze…this nigga said “keyboard” :annoy:

According to GremlinSolutions, the LS-55 is flat mounted.

Awesome, I am pretty interested. Is there any chance you can get me a pic or two of the inside? I just want to know if the PCB is wired directly to the joystick or if the 5 pin is being used.

:rofl: Somewhat true. It took me at least a week before I felt comfortable playing with a sanwa coming from american layout. After that it’s just constant playing. Nobody picked up a stick the first day and was automatically perfect with it.

Still though, good luck with your sale. I would be more interested if it were a sanwa. I just don’t like seimitsu because of the “leafs” it uses instead of switches like the sanwa.

pm sent

Cool, like I said in my response to your PM you are currently at the top of the list.

PM sent back

Do you even know what you’re talking about. That’s a finkle and that’s the exact price it’s worth if not more. STFU if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Payment sent. Thanks Justin!!!