EDIT: I’d also be willing to trade both sticks for a somewhat rare stick like HSS-0130 or HRAP VLX or HRAP VX SA. Or you can get both for the reduced price of 160$ (20$ off).

All prices are the price for it with free shipping!!

I got a set of brand new Twin Sticks from Japan. I was using it to play Virtual On for the 360, but now my 360 Red Ringed, so I’m looking to get rid of them. It comes with a Keio adapter for Saturn to PS2, and the PS2 to 360 adapter that he sells. There are Virtual On games for the Saturn, PS2, 360, and Dreamcast. If you want it to work with the Dreamcast you’ll have to get your own PS2 > Dreamcast or Saturn > Dreamcast adapter.

I’ll post pics tomorrow, I just wanted to get this posted in case anyone wanted to call dibs on it.

I’ll sell the stick alone for 75$, 95$ if you want the adapters to go with it. This is brand new in box and will ship inside of a larger box with express 2 day shipping.

Also selling/trading a HRAP3 for the PS3 with all Sanwa parts. I’ll also ship it with all the original Hori buttons too. Selling this for 85$.


BTW that price is shipped.

Pics added.

I remember this.

So it finally arrived after two months.
Or did you get it quicker than expected?

Yeah it was like 2 month shipping, and by the time I got it (yesterday) the Xbox 360 was Red Ringed. :frowning:

I have played the PS2 and Saturn Virtual On games with it, and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately since I don’t have anyone to play against, it kinda lost it’s fun factor for me. I love VSing other people.

If I could somehow miss paying my mortgage then I would love to take this off of your hands. Do you offer a layaway program :sweat:

Haha, considering how few Virtual On lovers there are on SRK (and I’m not about to put this up on eBay, I’m sick of their idiotic fees), it may be here a while.

I may consider trades, however I can’t think of many things that I actually need so I’m not sure what kind of offer on trades I’d accept (except maybe a pretty good video card in good condition).

Added my HRAP 3 to the thread. Also remember that all the prices are the SHIPPED price.

Price drop bump.

You willing to ship all that awesomeness to my location?
(San Juan, PR 00926)

I just got a quote on it today to Puerto Rico and they wanted 110$ shipping. WTF? Sorry man, I wish I knew a cheap way to ship to PR or Canada. I try USPS and Fedex but they always give me ridiculous quotes like that.

$110 also for Canada?

This is an INCREDIBLE deal! I’m interested to see who ends up with this.

What kind of shipping did you use to get that quote? No way standard USPS to Canada would be $110 shipping ;_;

curious where you got that ps2 to 360 adapter? I have a nubytech 15th anniversary stick that ive been using on ps3 with a ps2 to usb adapter and that ps2 to 360 one is just what i need. could you shoot me a pm or something with the name of the adapter id appreciate it!

The answers you seek are within [URL=“”]this thread

thank you!

I got my quote from a store called PakMail here in town. They ship with USPS, Fedex and UPS. Perhaps they forgot to check the USPS when they gave me that quote. I’ve never done an international order. I’ll try to get another quote for the international shipping, but until then everything is still available.

I should also mention that if you’d like me to dual mod the HRAP3 with a PS1 Dual Shock so you can have a PS2/PS3 stick, it’ll just be 30$ extra.

PM’d for the HRAP3.