Up for sale are 12 PS3 games. They are all complete and mint. They are all original release versions, and none are greatest hits versions. The only flaw is on Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune. There is a tiny piece of plastic that came off the bottom left rear of the case, but the rest of it is mint. This game was packaged in with a previous PS3 bundle. You can see it in pic 2 via the link below. There are absolutely no scratches on the disks, and all instruction manuals are mint as well. The games are:

  1. Valkyria Chronicles (SOLD local via CL)

  2. Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune (SOLD to jamesepoop)

  3. Grand Theft Auto 4 (SOLD to weezy58)

  4. Soul Calibur 4 (SOLD local via CL)

  5. Killzone 2 (SOLD to ibeatu)

  6. Infamous (SOLD to ibeatu)

  7. BlazBlue:Calamity Trigger (SOLD to jamesepoop)

  8. Little Big Planet (SOLD to ibeatu)

  9. Mirror’s Edge (SOLD to ibeatu)

  10. Virtua Fighter 5 (SOLD local via CL)

  11. Ridge Racer 7 (SOLD local via CL)

  12. Heavenly Sword (SOLD to ibeatu)

I am asking $15 shipped each, and just $10 for each additional game. I will also take $30 shipped for the three that are still available. I will ship via USPS with delivery confirmation included within the continental U.S. and accept PayPal for payment. I have great iTrader feedback, so buy with confidence! Thanks!

Thanks for Looking! :tup:


Bump for price drop.


only interested in Uncharted. so if u sellin it individually lmk the price


Bump for price drop. This is the final price drop for the lot. I will begin selling them individually tomorrow. They will be $15 shipped each and $10 for each additional game. Thanks!


I have received several PM’s for the games when I sell individually, so if you have interest in any, send me a PM or post here and I will give you dibs. So far Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune, BlazBlue:Calamity Trigger, Heavenly Sword, Soul Calibur 4, and Little Big Planet will be taken tomorrow. Thanks! :smile:


Now selling individually! Prices are $15 shipped each, and just $10 for each additional game! Thanks! :tup:




HI epe i pmed just now but i would have pmed u earlier if srk didnt showed me server is busy. Now the 2 games i might want ibeatu may want too.


PM’s replied. I have updated OP with who is pending for what. No payments have been sent yet. I can only hold any game for 24hrs, then they go back up for sale. Thanks! :smile:


Can I reserve payment for GTA 4 for later today? Owe my buddy a copy.


Sure, I will put you down for pending sale. :smile:


payment sent for those 5 games


Payments received from jamesepoop and ibeatu. I will ship tomorrow a.m. via USPS with delivery confirmation and send you the tracking info as soon as I get it. Thanks! :tup:


Payment sent via paypal w/ current address. Thanks for holding eperelez!

BTW - this is such a good deal for me. Earlier this year, I traded some guy on craigslist a copy of GTA IV for his SFAC and PS2 SF Anniversary Collection. I couldn’t find my copy, so my buddy gave me his to give and said to get him back a copy whenever. Now everything will be even and set!


Wow, that was a great deal! I have received your payment and will ship tomorrow a.m. via USPS with delivery confirmation. I’ll send you the tracking info as soon as I get it. Thanks! :tup:


bump for eperelez. good deals!!! thanks man


epe will take ur valk game.


Ok cool. PM sent! :tup:


All orders paid for thus far have been shipped! PM’s sent with delivery confirmation numbers! :tup:


No more holds. I need these sold before I go on vacation. There are 3 still available. Soul Calibur 4, Ridge Racer 7, and Virtua Fighter 5. Take all 3 for $30 shipped! :looney: