Selling a super-mint and complete copy of Deathsmiles + soundtrack for 360 (US version) - $27 shipped to US48


pm sent about Death Smiles.


I have one LS-32-01 , new, mint, make me an offer.


LS32 found, Deathsmiles price dropped


deathsmiles is a crazy good game. cant beat it for 27 bones


Hey if the game is still available I will take it.


still available. I’ll shoot you a PM


Ready to paypal whenever, just PM me paypal info if interested.
Can also offer good deals in trade naturally, but I’ll pay the $27 too at a moments notice.


Pending payment from Stargalaqtic. Toodles, I’ll get back to you if it falls through.


Sorry no falling through here, you gots MONEY!!