Hi, I am selling a QCF 6 button case for $25. Will use USPS ship calculator for shipping costs. Will ship within 2 days. It comes with a plexi top and mdf bottom. The case itself is mdf. (11.5 x 9.5 x 2.125) 3 24mm holes and 1 neutrik hole. This was my first time painting so there are flaws: discoloration and chipping mostly on the bottom of the case, it doesnt have rubber feet so the bottom got kind of dirty. Also comes with mounting bolts/nuts. And i have 2 zip tie mounts (removable) still in there if you like, use them for securing your pcbs, etc. Maybe someone can repaint this case since the paintjob is bad, otherwise the flaws I listed are just Aesthetic.

$25 plus USPS shipping


PM sent.


Case now sold to NiteWalker