B15 designs DeeJay stick, case only $100 + ship Can/Usa
Looking for a Comic Con TE stick for the 360 , I am also looking for a Voltech case the TE style ones, a white TE shell, also would trade for a te stick, r2 or OG. just post what you have to trade and I will let you know.
Also if you have a whack of buttons/arcade parts we might be able too work something out too.
This is just the case w/ art plexi, no buttons/stick/pcb!

I also have 2 brand new Clear semitsu PS-14-KN for trade looking for 2 sanwa screw ins , pink, light blue, red,

Here is a link to pics, its identicle to these pics I have not used it.
The stick is about halfway down the page




Bump, no longer full stick.


PM sent.


Bump now excepting a TE r1 or R2


buttons added


Bump price drop


You should try posting new pictures of the stick for people. Its been nearly a year since B15 posted that stick in that thread & it might help your sale.


I did not think it would matter if I have not used the stick and its in the exact same condition, but thanks anyways


The link in the first post doesn’t work for me because I have a different post per page setting. Is it this stick?

Joystick Vault / Deejay Custom Arcade Stick


Yes, that’s it. B15 is the man! :lovin:


I sent ya a PM


PM sent.


Is this still available?


The B15 Deejay case is sold. I asked a couple days ago. :sad:




OP, you should change the title of the thread once the item is sold.