Hey buddy, i actually live in nyc. If you wanna pm a number or meet up? It’ll save us both the wait. Iwouldnt be able to pay for it till friday though.


Well I’m not really able to meet up in NYC and I assume anywhere I would drive to meet up would probably cost as much as shipping it out.

Like I said I do have a tournament on Sunday in NJ that I would offer pick up at. Other than that I am trying to ship this somewhere.


Aw damn, you don’t live in nyc? Where’s the tourny in jersey. I’ll see if i can make it.


It’s in Mahwah where I am located. It’s in North Jersey, I know you can get there by Bus from the Port Authority or by train but I don’t know which is cheaper. There is a tournament thread in the tournament section if you want to check it out.


Actually, I just found one close by me. I’m really sorry I wasted your time. Good luck with the sale. Once again sorry about wasting your time.


You didn’t waste my time, it’s all good.


bump…added camera


bump…price drop


bump added new items


leaving feedback, got it today. Thanks! I’m gonna close this thread, if you have new stuff to sell, just make a new thread