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Sanwa Set (only +30 hours of use) - $20
*6x OBSF30 White
2x OBSF30 Gray
2x OBSF24 White
1x LB-35 Balltop White

8x Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm*


Damn it I wanted those smokes!

Smoke buttons sold

@MDSFX - Didn’t care for the smokes?

Actually, they look awesome. Especially with the smoke bubbletop that I’m keeping. Seimitsu buttons just feel a bit clunky to me compared to Sanwa (I’m not used to them), so I’m going back to OBSFs.

Understood, just curious since I just got my smoke set as well. Planning on using a custom New Net City template on my next Voltech stck. The smokes are cool, they obviously just don’t pop like all the other colors. I actually did some plunger swaps with red, looked ok–lil dirty. Smokes definitely need the right art.

Yeah, I had actually planned on using some gray-scale/B&W art for them. I figured colors might look too strange through the dark plastic.

price drop on Sanwa set

Payment pending on Sanwa parts…