Looking to get rid of some stuff.
Not looking to get rich (or even), just want to avoid taking this stuff to the dump.

(*) PS3 madCatz fightpad [$15]

  • bought the fightpad when super SF4 came out.
  • used for less than a month, has been collecting dust since.
  • works
  • only possible downside is that there is velcro on top to hold the usb dongle
  • FREE gift, madcatz keychain (random i know, but i only buy hori sticks, so i have no need)

(*) axisAdapter [$15]

  • bought about 4 months ago here on srk
  • i personally never used it, but not sure if I got it new or used

Prices are shipped, US only
Sorry no international shipping.
*I take Paypal *


PM sent for the Axisdapter! :shy:


fightpad sold.

pending for axis


Payment sent for the Axisdapter! Thanks! :woot:


axis gone.
all sold.