I have here my full sanwa ps2 T5 with a black plexi from arthong. This stick has seen less then ten hours of use with the recently installed parts and everything is fully functioning.

Willing to trade for the following:
paewang revolution pcb
seimitsu bubble tops
sanwa meshtops
seimitsu PS-14-G’s
I also have 6 dark hai sanwa’s, 3 blue sanwa’s, 1 red ball top, 1 blue ball top, 1 white ball top. All for $2 each. I would like to sell these to the person buying the stick rather then ship a few buttons and ball tops to some random people. Prices are negotiable. PM me with whatever you wanna know.

what system?

Ps2. Sorry i’ll add that to that to the title and everything. I just thought it was common knowledge that it was a ps2 stick.

sorry i’m new to sticks and looking for a 360 one.

Price drop bump

Whats up Jblair? I think I might take it. Don’t really like the T5 design on the stick so glad that’s gone.

Lock this up SOLD